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Italian-Polish Aerospace Forum


The Italian-Polish Aerospace Forum returns on the map of key conferences in Warsaw after a successful 2022 edition.

This year, the Forum intends to focus on the transformation of the aerospace sector in Poland, based on:

  • the modernization of the Polish aviation and the space components, paired with the introduction of new technologies, procedures and organizational structures, aimed at elevating Polish Armed Forces to one of the most modern fighting forces globally;
  • the expansion of Polish air domain capabilities, in order to change the way Polish Air Force conducts future air operations.

The Forum represents an opportunity to discuss how this generational transformation is being conducted in Poland and which lessons Italy has learnt when modernizing its armed forces.

The event will also address the relevance of Space industry as a whole to country’s economy, focusing on the different approaches to the development of the sector both in Poland and in Italy, the value of establishing production capabilities and R&D centres as well as specializing in booming sectors such as space economy and AI in aerospace. 

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