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Italian-Polish Aerospace Forum


It is universal knowledge that one of the key sources of nation’s wealth comes from the existence of a robust industrial sector. Among various kinds of industries, aeronautics is considered as one of these sectors, which are technologically-driven, responsible for production of high-end and high-value products, and cause massive spill over on other parts of national economy. Participants of the Italian-Polish Aerospace Forum will discuss the need for a new model of international cooperation in aeronautics that is required to advance both Polish and Italian industry. Since both nations are members of the European Union, which greatly promotes cooperation between its member states and corporate entities within its borders, it is a unique chance for Poland and Italy to tie strategic, long-standing cooperation in aeronautics. Italian aeronautical and defence conglomerate Leonardo can serve as an example of an entity, which development and current global position stems from fruitful domestic and international cooperation. This experience may be used successfully in the Polish aeronautical sector, where Leonardo has been a longstanding and trustworthy partner of the MoND and number of local companies. The goal of the the Forum is to discuss the establishment of a new model of cooperation in aeronautics that will benefit both sides and enable European-wide synergies benefiting wider economy of Poland and Italy.

Due to ground-breaking advancements in space technology in recent years, new business opportunities in space industry have emerged. Current, massive and constantly growing demand for space services allows companies from smaller nations to enter this robust market and build a successful business. Both Poland and Italy can benefit from this surge by establishing industrial ties between rising Polish space companies and its Italian counterparts. Participants of Italian-Polish Aerospace Forum will have an opportunity to exchange thoughts on cooperation possibilities in the context of EU and ESA efforts to develop globally competitive European space sector. Similar to aeronautics, Leonardo can be used as a benchmark for a fruitful cooperation that has led to the creation of one of the most success stories, where a medium-sized nation has been able to establish globally recognized space industry. The main goal of this panel is to use this experience along with Polish thirst for success in space domain to find out what the areas of cooperation are and how both nations can create synergies for the benefit of their economies. As space sector gives unprecedented business opportunities, it is crucial to discuss both institutional and entrepreneurship cooperation issues between Poland and Italy that may lead to mutually beneficial, longstanding partnership.

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